Attempting to Modify Maple WS, for MathApp Quesiton

  • Hello I am attempting to modify a Maple Worksheet, to work within MapleTA:  The worksheet is here:  resistorsWorksheet

    -first of all I want to remove the visibility of the combo boxes on the right so that a student can only interact with the boxes on the left.

    -second I would like a question that asks students the total resistance (in other words students use use the drop boxes on the left to control the colors and have to calculate the total resistance).

    -third I would like a question that asks students the minimal resistance using the tolerance.

    -fourth:  obviously I need to hide the text under the resistor, otherwise students will see the answer.

    -hoping the student responses will pass back to TA for grading.

    Thanks for any help, my Maple "start up code" knowledge is very limited.

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